7 tips for pitching Social Media to your skeptical boss

We spend hours on Twitter building a following, creating dialogue, making new contacts, monitoring streams and keywords; we subscribe to dozens of RSS feeds, read countless newsletters, we research, blog, make comments and moderate them; we link, we create profiles, we watch how-to videos (or sometimes make them ourselves) … We fill our entire day learning, interacting and engaging. After your boss sees how much time you’ve spent doing this, he or she might ask you what the value is to the company. As a communications professional, you’re used to talking until the cows come home, but suddenly, you’re at a loss for words. How do you even begin to explain the magnitude of social media to someone who sees social networking as “social NOTworking?” Continue reading “7 tips for pitching Social Media to your skeptical boss” »

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Social Media Influencers – The Force is Strong With These Ones!

Sad but true: I may have learned more about social media from the Twitter community in the last two months than I did during my entire university experience. My good friend Google and I have spent a lot of time together recently. When there’s something I want to know, I of course, consult Google – and what have I found? (Actually, it’s not so much what I’ve found, but rather who I’ve found)… a network of amazingly bright and like-minded people: online and social media influencers. These are the people who have helped me build a solid understanding of social media and I’m certain our relationship will continue throughout my career in PR. It’s important for any social media consultant to know why influencers are helpful/what they do and what qualities to look for when choosing an influencer for a campaign. Continue reading “Social Media Influencers – The Force is Strong With These Ones!” »

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Mind Your Business: Online & Social Media Etiquette

Keep your elbows off the table; don’t chew with your mouth open; remember to say “please” and “thank you…” – the eternal words of our mothers. Although you might know fish spoon from your coffee spoon in the real world, etiquette extends far beyond table manners – existing now in a virtual world where we must behave and express ourselves carefully. If you’re representing your company or performing social media on behalf of another business, you should consider it as part of your job to maintain a polite, courteous and sincere online persona. After all, your online presence should match who you are in reality. Continue reading “Mind Your Business: Online & Social Media Etiquette” »

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Word of mouth marketing: what newbie social media consultants should know!

It seems safe to assume that everyone knows what “word of mouth” means. However, “word of mouth marketing” is a topic that appears frequently on many of the blogs and newsletters that I subscribe to and I’ve often wondered what the heck it actually means. Word of mouth has been the best form of marketing since the dawn of time but it appears as though there is more potential in it now than ever before. Here’s what you should know as a social media consultant. Continue reading “Word of mouth marketing: what newbie social media consultants should know!” »

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Target your audience: 5 free web tools!

Image courtesy of: Sean Rasmussen, Aussie Internet Marketing

Want to zero in on who’s doing what on the web? There are some amazing analytic, infographic and statistic tools that help social media consultants and marketers to determine the most effective social media methods for reaching a specific audience (or conversely, the least effective methods). Here’s a list of the tools I played around with yesterday: Continue reading “Target your audience: 5 free web tools!” »

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10 things to consider before you start a blog…

You have something you want to share with the world. So, you set up a blog and start writing. After a few hundred words, you start to wonder, “is anybody really going to read this?” Ok, maybe your quirky aunt or your best friend will read it and tell you how interesting it was, but as much as you love support from your family and friends, the whole purpose of your blog is likely to connect other like-minded people – so that you can share what you know and engage in an on-going conversation. Continue reading “10 things to consider before you start a blog…” »

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Be taken seriously as a social media consultant

How do we get our foot in the door? Photo: public domain

As a social media consultant, getting your foot in the door will be one of your biggest challenges. There are too many social media consultants out there who claim to be experts but unfortunately, most of them fail to walk the walk. Because of this, companies who have been burned by these supposed “experts” are now becoming more choosy when it comes to picking the right consultant for the job. They are doing their research on people like us (and so they should!) They want to make sure that the consultant they choose not only knows how to use the tools in the box, but also which ones to use at what time and to what end. So then the question becomes: how do us newbies prove that have what it takes? How do we get companies to take us seriously? How do we get that vital first chance? Continue reading “Be taken seriously as a social media consultant” »

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10 social media consultant FAILS!

Hair DON'T

Sometimes the best way to figure out what you want is to start by realizing what it is that you don’t want. For example, my colleague  recently visited a hairdresser who handed her a few magazines and instead of asking her to bookmark the styles she likes, the hairdresser said, “pick out all of the styles you hate.” Interesting approach, yes? Well since I am looking to provide a social media consultancy service in the coming months, I thought I would do a search to see what people are saying about social media consultants…but then I thought, “hmm…these articles are probably written by social media consultants who only want to tout their own service. I wanted an objective opinion on the matter, so I took this hairdresser’s approach and looked up some reasons why a company should NOT hire a social media consultant - In summary, here’s what I found: Continue reading “10 social media consultant FAILS!” »

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Why not tell a real story?

I spent four years in university learning about what it means to communicate and how to do it. After moving to Europe to begin work for a creative IT firm, I was given the task of offering a social media consultancy service. As a Gen-Y Facebook/MySpace/Twitter/YouTube addict, I was thrilled by this proposition – thinking it would be a walk in the park. Regardless, I figured it would be wise to spend a few hours researching some case studies, scanning a few blogs and watching a few flashy videos. Continue reading “Why not tell a real story?” »

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