About the blog:

Let’s be honest. How many dollars are wasted on those who claim to offer social media success on a silver platter, never to truly live up to their promise? We believe transparency to be one of the most important factors in providing a quality consulting service. Therefore, the purpose of this blog is to share what we’ve learned in the areas of social media tools and consultation. See our human side: our struggles, successes and laughs along the way to finding “Social Media Oz.” Though the road may be bumpy at first, we believe that the true value will lie within what we will discover and those whom we’ll meet along the way.

We offer the following professional PR services:

Professional writing service (in English):
• Publications (internal or external): reports, articles, newsletters, e-zines, brochures
• Press releases
• Media kits (feature articles, fact sheets, backgrounders)
• Client communications: creative briefs, targeted letters and emails, proactive client care
• Speeches
• Radio advertisements, public service announcements
• Web copy
• Ad copy
• Editing

Communication planning:
• Identification of problems, challenges and opportunities
• Assigning goals, objectives, strategies and tactics
• Success measurement

Social media consultancy
• Creating and maintaining online presence
• Strategic use, coaching and online etiquette
• Corporate blogging

My qualifications

About ThinkInnovation GmbH:

Since 2002, we have been providing inventive solutions to unique business challenges. Our offerings range from expert IT consulting, web and graphic design, English communications and social media consultation to on-the-spot technical support. We offer our services in five mother-tongue languages: German, French, English, Italian and Portuguese.


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