“You Don’t Need A Professional Blogger” (Guest post by Terez Howard)

As social media consultants and naturally, bloggers, we realize the value of our craft – however our challenge is often explaining WHY we do it and what the value is. Since my last post about pitching social media to your skeptical boss, I’ve been thinking about why SM and blogs make for good business. Terez Howard, fellow blogger and Tweep, provided me with this great guest blog post, citing some excellent reasons why blogging is an extremely useful communications tool. Read on and enjoy!

“You Don’t Need A Professional Blogger”

By Terez Howard

Terez Howard

Let me introduce myself.  I’m Terez Howard, professional blogger, and I’m telling you that you don’t need a professional blogger.  Why not?

You’re doing just fine for yourself.  You have a website, customers and enough earnings to pay the bills.  If you hire a professional blogger, that’s another branch in your business tree that just might need grafted by the end of the year.  Not to mention, a professional blogger costs money, and good writers don’t come cheap.

Here’s the deal.  Blogging is more than a place to vent steam, tell stories and show pictures of your son’s first lost tooth.  Blogging is a way to market your business.

Now stop there. I want you to realize that blogging isn’t like a commercial, a newspaper ad or a billboard.  It’s not something you pay for and then wait for instant results.  So, why invest in it?

Blogging is your ticket to the social world

Traditional advertising forces your likely and unlikely customers to see you and make a decision about your business.  That’s it.

Blogging is a way for you to form a relationship within a community. Think about it.  Would you rather support the grocery store chain that sells reheated frozen cakes?  Or, would you rather buy from your local bakery that has a reputation for homemade, fresh baked goods?  My guess is that you’re buying local.

Blogging makes you local.  Your consumers see you on the same level as they are.  You have fears, ambitions, a history, goals, a life.  Your business becomes the best in your niche because your blog communicates everything about your niche and your business, thus developing a face through blogging.

According to Social Nomics, 78% of consumers trust peer recommendations.  Your blog can make your business a peer to the public.

If that’s something you don’t want, then you don’t need a professional blogger.

Blogging tells all

A professional blogger can answer all possible questions your consumers pose. I released 52 topic ideas on my website to help feed a business blog for a year.  Some include newly discovered uses for a product or service, interviews with company employees and your business’s participation in a charitable event.

When your blog tells all, you will have less e-mails to respond to and less calls to answer because your customers can search through a blog’s archives and get their answers quickly.  In addition, blogging exists at a top speed and can communicate to not only your local area, but to the world.

Regular, new content also will give your business website more traffic. The more your blog tells, the more likely you can expect more people to want to learn more about your business.

If that’s something you don’t want, then you don’t need a professional blogger.

Can’t you blog yourself?

Of course you can.  It goes without saying that you need to be a decent writer.  You also have to know how to talk to your audience.  I always say, if it looks like a sales pitch, walks like a sales pitch and talks like a sales pitch, it’s a sales pitch, and I don’t want it.  Blogs are your chance to share information, not post direct sales pitches. You also have to know what your customers expect from you.  Do they want long posts or short ones?  How personal do they want you to be? How will you keep from rehashing other people’s information?  Do they like pictures?  How will you find the time to do all this regularly?

You can never have a devoted following from a blog without regularly updated, fresh content.  Are you ready to be in this for the long haul?  It can take a long time before your blog gets noticed.  But once it does, your business becomes the authority with the girl next door kind of attitude.

If that’s something you don’t want, then you don’t need a professional blogger.

You can check out more of Terez’ work as well as my guest post on her site: Freelance Writing Mamas.

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