In the Social World, You Get What You Give

I’ve spent last year studying it intently (the communication strategy behind it, its technical tools, all of the do’s and don’ts, tips and tricks…and still, I feel like I’m running on a never-ending social media treadmill.

Though I consider myself to be highly competent in the social media realm, I have to admit that lately, my numbers and stats have been less than encouraging: SproutSocial informed me that my engagement levels had dropped and my message volume had decreased significantly. Throughout the whole week, I watched tweeps exchange Klout influence mentions, without any sign that I am influencing anyone, and not a single soul commented on a short blog post I wrote last week. I felt like a sad truck…like a social media nobody. 

My sad truck face needed an immediate injection of double rainbow.
Actually, it needed an IV drip. With some cosmic good fortune, I happened upon the encouragement I so desperately needed in the form of a simple tweet: “Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.” (Sir Winston Churchill). After reading this, I instantly felt better.

I realized that the social media big shots out there all started at the bottom – but they had the courage to rise to the top. They all began with one follower and one “hello world” tweet; and likely experienced the same sad truck days as me. Sure, courage is one of the most defining traits in successful people but it couldn’t have been solely this instrinsic quality that got them to where they are today. No. If that were the truth, anyone who possessed a bit of passion  and drive would be sitting on a veritable social media throne, with a shiny sceptre engraved by Mark Zuckerberg. Hell, I’d be a CEO at age 27 if that were all it took.

So what does it take? The social world spins based on sharing and support systems. They’re as important online as the sun is to sustaining life on Earth. Those who are successful are the courageous ones who realize that everyone is worth something. In the online world, you get what you give. (There is a brilliant video by Jason Silvestri on support systems here)

What I learned is that, instead of deflating myself and wondering why I’m not making an impact, I could be spending my energy on giving: giving advice, giving, props, giving smiles, sharing a laugh, promoting a great project, retweeting a brilliant thought. And by doing this, my words can touch people across the world, I will influence in my own way and it is with great hope that this social karma will come back to me.

So, tell me…how can I help you? What can I give?

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3 Memes That Will Help Make You a Better Communicator

A meme, simply put, is an idea, behavior, style, or usage that spreads from person to person within a culture. Evidently, internet memes have the ability to move across the world as fast as the click of a mouse.

As a meme-lover myself, I pay close attention to what’s being passed around the web. I love sharing memes with my friends and even (shamefully) referencing them in my day-to-day life and even integrating them into my language. As I spent a moment this morning laughing at one of my favourite memes (hipster rebuttals), I began to wonder what the fascination is with memes and if they might teach us something about modern communication. (or maybe I just wanted to do a little meme research ;) I digress… Continue reading “3 Memes That Will Help Make You a Better Communicator” »

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5 Easy Ways to Put the Spark Back Into Your Client Relationships

You’re in a relationship that, for the first little while, is incredibly fun and exciting. You see one another every day, exchanging multiple phone calls and text messages stating your affections, (think: “no YOU hang up.”) Everything is beautful – sunshine, lollipops and rainbows between you. But then one day, that the spark disappears. You care for one another but somehow, things have just gotten…well, boring. What the heck happened? Continue reading “5 Easy Ways to Put the Spark Back Into Your Client Relationships” »

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Young professionals: Please help me out by participating in this quick poll!

How have you found your success as a young person in business?

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Marketing & Social Media Opportunity

ThinkInnovation, GmbH
Social Media & Marketing Consultant
Job Description:
Fantastic experience for a student currently studying marketing or a recent graduate:

Learn and grow as a professional, consulting on behalf of an agency based in Leverkusen. Sink your teeth into the world of social media and use your marketing knowledge to seek out new clients and provide them with top-notch strategic and creative plans that assist them in reaching their unique goals.

This job provides the flexibility that a student requires as well as one-on-one training with some social media gurus. There is also the opportunity to write your diploma thesis.

Candidate Requirements:
Must have above average skills in English (written and spoken)

Must have experience in marketing

Must be a go-getter with lots of enthusiasm and positivity!

Type of job: Entry level
Job open to:
(as of start date)
Students and Graduates
Job Starts On: As soon as possible
Job Ends On: Not specified
Required languages: English (Advanced) AND German (Fluent)
Open to these areas of study: Accountancy, Banking, Business Studies, Communication and Information Sciences, Documentation/Archiving, Economics, Financial Management, Hospitality – Catering/Hotel Management, Industrial Relations and Personnel Management, Journalism, Library Science, Management Science, Marketing and Sales Management, Museum Studies/Conservation, Public Relations/Publicity/Advertising, Radio/TV Broadcasting, Secretarial Studies, Tourism, Writing

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Talkin’ Bout My Generation: Y Gen Y?

I’m an outspoken, attention-craving, authority challenger.

Hi, my name is Kate and I’m a Gen Y.

“Generation Y” refers to those individuals who were born somewhere between the mid-1970s to the early 2000’s. Ladies and gents, I fall into this category and want to share my thoughts on Gen Y’s and our role in the future of communications. Continue reading “Talkin’ Bout My Generation: Y Gen Y?” »

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Communication is About Instinct: Four Ways Living Abroad Has Brought me Back to the Basics

In PR, it is our mission to essentially transform a message into something that the targeted audience can understand — and then deliver it in the most effective way possible. Beyond the strategizing – beyond knowing how to write an amazing press release, communications plan or research methodology, we must, as individuals, be adaptable, resourceful, creative, intuitive and quick on our feet. I’ve always worked hard to use these skills in the best interest of my clients. But, in Spring 2010, I was given the chance to put these skills to work in my own interest.

When I arrived in France, I didn’t have anything except my suitcases and a few hundred euros. In order to make my way, I had to put into practice everything I knew about communications. I knew immediately that this was going to be harder than any PR ad I’d ever written or any special event I’d planned. But what I didn’t realize is how this adventure would take me back to the basics of communication and remind me that communications is not only an essential profession, but also an instinct that was going to help me through my biggest challenges. Here are four communication basics I’ve re-discovered on this adventure – four basics that are useful whether you’re living abroad or working at your desk. Continue reading “Communication is About Instinct: Four Ways Living Abroad Has Brought me Back to the Basics” »

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What’s at the Root of all Successful Client Relations?

At the root of success


The new year always brings with it an air of opportunity – a chance to look ahead, change perspectives and really consider what we can do to make the coming year better…better for our businesses and of ultimately, our personal lives.

In order to make positive changes, we must first consider what is truly at the root of our problems. Based on my experiences having worked in various fields ranging from interior design to agriculture, it seems like almost every gripe a client has boils down to communicationor rather, a lack thereof. Continue reading “What’s at the Root of all Successful Client Relations?” »

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Word of Mouth Marketing for Small Businesses (Guest post)

ThinkInnovation guest post: Familiarize yourself on how small businesses can increase their word of mouth marketing by using both on and off-line techniques.

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“You Don’t Need A Professional Blogger” (Guest post by Terez Howard)

As social media consultants and naturally, bloggers, we realize the value of our craft – however our challenge is often explaining WHY we do it and what the value is. Since my last post about pitching social media to your skeptical boss, I’ve been thinking about why SM and blogs make for good business. Terez Howard, fellow blogger and Tweep, provided me with this great guest blog post, citing some excellent reasons why blogging is an extremely useful communications tool. Read on and enjoy! Continue reading ““You Don’t Need A Professional Blogger” (Guest post by Terez Howard)” »

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